Lawn Sprinkler Systems with Woda-Sci

The Woda-Sci Sump Control System is intended to control irrigation of residential property by using water from the home’s foundation drainage and sump system, in areas where the water tables are high enough to provide sufficient volume and flow for lawn sprinkler systems.  The system uses water that would otherwise be wasted and exhausted to the sewer or property’s drainage system to irrigate the lawn and flowerbeds of the residence.  It replaces the control unit of an automatic sprinkler system, providing similar intuitive menus that are easy to use.

Configurable and Adaptable Lawn Irrigation

The Woda-Sci System controls a high volume sump pump to accumulate water volume in the home’s foundation drainage system for future short term irrigation use or exhaust water normally when not being accumulated.  It also drives an added high pressure, medium volume sprinkler pump and up to six sprinkler system solenoid valve stations to irrigate the residence based on a user entered program.

Additionally, an optional air compressor can be controlled through the menu to blowout up to six sprinkler stations automatically.  Diagnostics are included to provide operator warning and system shutdown in the event of high sprinkler pump pressure.  In the event of a sump pump failure it will use the sprinkler pump to exhaust water.  It will also turn the sump pump back on in the event of a sprinkler pump failure to prevent basement flooding.  See our product diagram.

The product incorporates a smart fill time learning algorithm that will automatically adjust for varying water table heights throughout the growing season in order to always allow the system to start at the programmed time and complete the programmed watering cycle as efficiently as possible.

The Woda-Sci Sump Controller System is a green technology that can save hundreds of dollars a year over the cost of using a city water system and paying water and sewer costs for lawn sprinkler systems.  Additional savings can be achieved if the compressor option is chosen since the cost and hassle of scheduling yearly end of season sprinkler system blowouts can also be avoided. Learn more about lawn sprinkler system winterization with Woda-Sci.

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