There are many reasons a property owner may decide to install a home water system. Hard water is one of the most prominent issues. Frequently municipal water supplied to communities can contain excess minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which may cause mineral build-up in the pipes and water heaters, scale formation on kitchen and bathroom fixtures and decreased efficiencies of water-using appliances.

Or, the water can be unpleasant due to smell or appearance. It may contain excess iron and appear rusty or red, or contain a low PH and appear blue-green, both of which can stain bathtubs and sinks. Many of these corrosive materials will eventually cause leaks to develop in the pipes. Although not as common, hydrogen sulfide can cause water to smell like rotten eggs.

Control Your Home Water System Purity

There can also be health concerns with current municipal water supplies which may motivate home owners to control the cleaning of their water themselves. The EPA regulates over 80 chemicals and compounds that can make their way into drinking water. However, municipal sources sometimes exceed acceptable levels for one or more of these. There are also contaminants that are not regulated, monitored or effectively excluded from our municipal water supplies. Many of the municipal water systems in use today were built a long time ago before modern contaminants such as pharmaceutical residues were a concern. Traces of antidepressants, antibiotics and steroids have been found in drinking water. The most recent new contamination that is often not treated involves the chemicals such as methane and formaldehyde from hydraulic fracking. To learn more, visit the EPA:

A considerable amount of a home owners’ time and money can be invested in a home water system. It seems ludicrous to also pay for this substandard water that you are cleaning. If you live in an area with high water tables, you may be wasting water that you could use for free. Consider using a Woda-Sci green tech sump controller and use the ground water under your home, accessed thru your sump pump instead.

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