MEC Systems offers the patented Woda-Sci green tech sump controller. It enables the property owner to use the ground water under their home like their own personal water well in areas with high water tables to get off grid. The water is accessed through the basement sump pump pit and is stored naturally in the ground water around their home. Water can be drawn out as needed for their use.

Achieve Off Grid Living

When not used, the water continues to be pumped out of the house as it did before our product was installed. Customers can use this free water to irrigate their lawn and garden. They can also use the water for all their home’s water needs. Or, they can do both. A typical family of 4 with a half-acre lot can save around $1700 a year if they use our product for their household as well as their lawn and garden irrigation. Considering the product retails for $1795, this is a good deal!

If your sump runs a lot, your ground water is probably between 3 and 12 feet deep and perfect for the Woda-Sci system. Many people think of the water from the sump as something dirty.  They don’t realize the water in their sump is ground water. While ground water taken from different locations can have vastly different water quality characteristics, generally ground water is much cleaner than surface water.

Surface water tends to pick up natural and man-made pollutants. As water moves through the ground, many of these pollutants are filtered out. Consequently, ground water usually requires less treatment and is cheaper to process to drinking water standards. Ground water supplies half of all Americans with drinking water. To learn more about ground water see our “Why Woda -Sci Page” and Ground Water video.

Off Grid Woda-Sci Calculator

If you want to see if you can benefit from this amazing product and get off grid, it is easy!

Go to our “Determining Applicability Page“. Follow the directions on the page. First, time your sump pump. Start timing when the sump pump turns on and don’t stop timing until the sump pump turns off and then on again. Input this information. Then input how many people you have in your home. Choose whether you are considering using our product for just home water, just irrigation or both. The website will then let you know if our product is right for you.

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