If you are a supplier/installer/contractor for home water purification, lawn sprinkler systems or geothermal heating systems, think of the advantages of joining our business opportunity to become a Woda-Sci lawn sprinkler distributor by adding a Woda-Sci sump controller to your product offerings. A Woda-Sci sump controller adds the “cost saving”, “off the grid” green technology incentive for purchasing your products. While your products can provide a customer with healthier water or greener grass they increase a home owner’s cost and have no payback period, only depreciation. Even though geothermal systems may provide some savings in energy cost they are often cost prohibitive because of the added cost to install geothermal loops or wells. Some geothermal customers do not have enough property to install geothermal loops which limits your customer base. Below are some of the advantages of how our business opportunity and product may be an advantage to you in the marketplace.


If you are a water purification company, our product will save the typical household around $1,000 a year. According to the West Bloomfield Beacon article, “Sylvan Lake water rates increase, aggravate residents”, February 25, 2015 Vol 12, No. 8, “the average resident uses 12,500 gallons of water a quarter, equating to about $247.98 according to the city’s (Sylvan Lake), website.” If a customer has a pool, or a large family, and uses more water than average, then the quarterly costs and potential savings could be even higher.

Increase your potential customer base by appealiing to people who are unhappy with constant municipal water rate increases that they have no input or control over. The West Bloomfield Beacon article referenced above covers a story where the Sylvan Lake City Council in Sylvan Lake, Michigan voted to increase water and sewer rates by 60 percent in December of 2014. “And while the increase came as a shock to residents, what aggravated people was the lack of notice of the increase before receiving their bill”. This scenerio is happening in communities all over the country.

If you are a residential lawn irrigation company, you can use our product to supply water and control a home’s irrigation system. Using the sump water to water a lawn can save the typical customer $200 to $1,100 a year depending on the size of their lawn and the amount of rain fall in their geographic location. Additional savings can be achieved with a reduction in the need to fertilize a lawn due to the typically higher mineral content of the ground water.

If you are a geothermal heating and cooling installation company, you can use our product to increase your available customer base. There may be potential customers in your area who would like a geothermal heating system but they have small lot sizes that cannot support a geothermal field. Or, you may lose potential customers who feel the expense of installing a geothermal field is too high. These people may already have a natural geothermal field; ground water. Our product may now make these people viable customers for you.


Please take a look at our “Why Woda-Sci?” tab, which describes the concerns with many municipal water systems in greater detail. Many cities around the country rely on pre-World War I era water delivery systems and treatment technology. Aging pipes can break, leach contaminants into the water they carry and breed bacteria which are all potential prescriptions for illness. Furthermore, old-fashioned water treatment which was built to filter out particles in the water and kill some parasites and bacteria, generally fails to remove 21st-century contaminants like pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and arsenic. Many municipal facilities add fluoride to their water which many people believe is unhealthy.


If you are a Builder, you can sell our product to new home owners which may enable them to avoid the expense of hooking up to a city water system. Rural home owners with no municipal water option may save the expense of drilling a well.

Learn more about our lucrative business opportunity by contacting us today!

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