Are you lucky enough to have a sump pump in your house that runs a lot? Have you ever gone into your basement and watched the water being pumped out of your sump pump water system and thought to yourself, “What a waste!” If so, read on and we’ll explain how to make a positive change in your home water supply with our basement sump pump controller.

Use Our Basement Sump Pump Controller with Your Groundwater

What if you could access the ground water on your own property through your sump?  What if you could use this ground water for your home’s water needs?  The Woda-Sci Green Tech Sump Pump Controller enables you to use your ground water for drinking, bathing and cleaning.  Also, you can use it to irrigate your lawn or both.

What if you could control the quality of the cleaning methods used on this water?  What if you could potentially get payback on your basement sump pump controller investment in approximately 3 years depending on your water usage? Well, you can with the Woda-Sci Green Tech Sump Controller and a properly configured home water purification system. Interested?  Read on.

You can save hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars a year. If you live in an area with high water tables, you may be able to use the water under your house with our basement sump controller. A Woda-Sci basement sump pump controller enables you to stop accepting price hikes, and water quality that you have very little knowledge and control over.

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The Woda-Sci basement sump pump controller is intended to control irrigation of residential property by using water from the home’s foundation drainage and basement sump pump systems, in areas where the water tables are high enough to provide sufficient volume and flow. The water sump pump systems uses water that would otherwise be wasted and exhausted to the sewer or property’s drainage system to irrigate the lawn and flowerbeds of the residence.

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The Woda-Sci Sump Control System can enable the home owner to use water from the home’s foundation drainage system for all the household’s needs when interfaced with a water purification system.  You can use your sump pump water systems for drinking, bathing, cooking, and laundry.   See how using Woda-Sci can result in water that is cleaner and safer for you and your family than the water you may be drinking now.

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